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Access changes for hockey venues in 2022

Published Mon 07 Feb 2022

Members of the Western Australian hockey community need to be aware of COVID-19-related requirements and impacts when they attend Perth Hockey Stadium at Curtin University and other hockey venues around the state.

For all venues, “business as usual” will look different in 2022, including at Perth Hockey Stadium, where patrons will be required to wear a mask at the bar when making purchases and where access to facilities will change. 

Perth Hockey Stadium has received permission from WA Police to amend its licenced area; this will mean that Proof of Vaccination will only be required to enter the licenced area. Access to the licenced area will change as a result, with a single door to enter and exit the bar and café and some doors shut permanently. Clear signage will be erected throughout the venue, including to provide directions to bathroom facilities which will also be affected.

In addition to mask-related requirements, patrons will need to be seated when in the Bar and Café at Perth Hockey Stadium. The licenced area will be amended and increased when we have major events – during the pre-season and while the venue is quieter, consumption of food and beverage will be restricted to the indoor area only. Patrons will not be able to consume alcohol outside of the bar and café, and no consumption will be possible on the grass banks, in the barbecue area or on Perth Hockey Stadium 2. 

Please note that if the Bar and Café are not open, the regulations regarding proof of vaccination do not apply.

The arrangements that have been implemented are essential for Perth Hockey Stadium to continue operating throughout the 2022 season as a licenced premise; it also ensures Hockey WA can facilitate the Government's exemption status for community sport. 

Hockey WA appreciates the changes will require adjustments to patrons’ regular habits, however trusts that everyone in hockey will work with the staff at Perth Hockey Stadium and all other venues to ensure compliance with the guidelines as outlined to us by the relevant authorities.

Hockey WA appreciates stakeholders’ understanding regarding these changes, and courtesy towards venue staff implementing these rules.

The health and safety of those involved in the sport remains Hockey WA’s number-one priority.