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Australian hockey stars ready to fire in 2024 Stiles Electrical Premier League season

Published Tue 26 Mar 2024

Australia’s finest hockey athletes from state, national and international sides are set to take centre stage in Western Australia with the 2024 Stiles Electrical Premier League season set to kick off from Friday April 5.

The 2024 season will see both the Men’s and Women’s Premier League competitions begin at the same time, featuring 22 rounds for the Men’s competition and 18 rounds for the Women’s competition.

The season ahead is set to provide plenty of elite hockey action, including Premier League Grand Final replays to open the competition.

This year will also see a merger between Old Guildfordians Mundaring Hockey Club and Modernians Hockey Club, competing as Mods-OGM.

Old Guildfordians Mundaring player James Naughtin said the merger between OGM and Modernians has brought forth a new energy and dynamic for the new season.

“There’s a new bunch of faces and a new coach so it will be very interesting to see how it all goes but everyone is keen and we’ve had great numbers at training,” he said.

“A lot of people haven’t played Premier League before but there’s a good group of guys that have come across and they all seem very excited so hopefully we can take that into the season.”

The Men’s Premier League competition will feature 12 teams consisting of Fremantle Cockburn, Hale Melville, Mods-OGM, Reds, UWA, Victoria Park Xavier, WASPS, Westside Wolves, Whitford, YMCC, and North Coast Raiders, who have been promoted to join the top division.

North Coast Raiders player Nic Jolly said the team has been put in a lot of work during the pre-season to prepare for the season ahead.

“There’s a lot of quality sides here in the Premier League to test ourselves against,” he said.

“It’s exciting to be promoted, we’ve got a lot of young players and for them to be going up against some of the best in the world and in Australia will be very exciting.

“We have two main goals this year to build our club culture and be competitive.”

The Women’s Premier League competition will feature 10 teams consisting of Hale, North Coast Raiders, Reds, Suburban Lions, UWA, Victoria Park Xavier, WASPS, Westside Wolves, Whitford, and Melville, who have been promoted to join the top division.

Melville player Scarlett Huston said the team was super excited to get into the new season.

“We’ve been on the turf for a while and we are raring to go,” she said.

“We got promoted this year, so this season is going to be very different.

“We’ve got a lot of new players, new faces and some of the younger ones are starting to come through so we’re ready for this season.

“We’re very keen to keep improving and get more of our younger players through and following on from the players that have set the standard for us.”

Select games of the Premier League will be broadcast live, with details to be confirmed for the upcoming season.

The Stiles Electrical Premier League is also proudly supported by Joel Mitton of Remax Extreme.