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Hockey WA calling on community to make the right call and respect our officials

Published Thu 02 May 2024

Whether you’re playing in a close match or showing your passion for your favourite team, it can be easy to get caught up in the emotions of the game.

But just like your hockey heroes, our officials and umpires are people too.

Hockey WA is calling on players, parents, coaches, and supporters to make the right call and show respect to our officials with the launch of its Respect: It’s Your Call campaign.

Respecting our officials is not just about following the rules, it’s about fostering a positive environment that benefits everyone involved in the game.

Officials and umpires across all levels of the game are as valuable as players and coaches – without them, there is no game.

Like players, officials are constantly learning and improving their skills and they can make mistakes.

Like players, officials devote their time, energy, and expertise into performing their duties.

Like players, they deserve our support, respect, and encouragement.

Through the Respect: It’s Your Call campaign, Hockey WA is encouraging everyone to SCORE on and off the field.


Support – Support officials by providing resources, training, and mentors to create an inclusive environment that shows how much we value umpires and their contribution to our sport.

Cooperate – Cooperate with officials, respect their authority, and acknowledge decisions, understanding that umpires are human and can make mistakes.

Open Minded – Stay open minded, remain calm and recognise that different perspectives can coexist, and both may have valid reasonings.

Respect – Respect umpires on and off the field with polite language, avoidance of disrespect and expressing gratitude for their contribution to fair play.

Encourage – Encourage a positive atmosphere, recognise, and reward the contribution that officials make, and promote appropriate behaviour in our sport.


Hockey WA CEO Fabian Ross said everyone has a role to play in making hockey the best game it can be.

“Hockey is a sport played by all kinds of people across all ages, and we all have a responsibility to set an example through how we act and play,” he said.

“You can play your part by choosing respect and kindness in all situations that unfold on or off the field.

“Just like acknowledging the opposition after a game, officials and umpires deserve a ‘thank you’ for their efforts, no matter what decisions were made.

“Together, we can ensure hockey continues to flourish and remains the best, most inclusive sporting community in our State.”

Respect: It's Your Call.

A range of digital assets are available for clubs to use across their social media, website and other channels.