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Japanese teams to visit Perth

Published Mon 08 Jul 2024

Off the back of a series of friendly matches with visiting teams from the Malaysian state of Pahang, the WA hockey community will be treated to a visit from Japanese hockey talent.

The Coca Cola Red Sparks are set to touch down in Perth this weekend to engage in several matches against Western Australia’s local hockey talent.

The Red Sparks previously visited Australia in 2023, where they played a series of matches against a Queensland invitational team and the Jillaroos.

This time around, the Red Sparks will face off against a WA Allstars team, a team comprised of WA State representatives and the Hale Stiles Electrical Premier League Women’s team.

The following week, the Sony Women’s team will arrive in Perth for their own tour.

While in Perth, the Sony Women’s team will engage in matches against the WA Under-21 Women’s team, the Allstars, and the Perth Thundersticks Women’s team.






Sunday 7 July


Coca Cola Red Sparks vs Allstars

Perth Hockey Stadium

Monday 8 July


Coca Cola Red Sparks vs WA State Players

Perth Hockey Stadium

Wednesday 10 July


Coca Cola Red Sparks vs Hale Premier League Women

Hale Hockey Club

Wednesday 17 July


Sony vs WA Under-21 Women

Perth Hockey Stadium

Friday 19 July


Sony vs Allstars

Perth Hockey Stadium

Monday 22 July


Sony vs Perth Thundersticks Women

Perth Hockey Stadium