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Canteen Refresh

By completing the Canteen Refresh Checklist, clubs will ensure their members are offered healthy food choices to allow them to be their best - on and off the field!

Steps to completing the Canteen Refresh Checklist include:

Step 1. Have your Canteen Manager and relevant staff complete the Fuel to Go & Play Canteen and food service staff training HERE

Step 2. Ensure at least 2 committee members and/or coaches to complete the Fuel to Go & Play Club Officials and Stakeholder training HERE.

Step 3. Refresh your canteen environment using the below strategies;

Offer a healthy meal deal at the club canteen (if facility is available)

Ensure Fruit/Vegetables are always available

Ensure that no sugary drinks are displayed in the club canteen

Provide free tap water for your members

Prominently display water in the canteen fridges (placed at eye level)


Requirements for Golden Goal Competition

Clubs must submit evidence of the above criteria outlined in the Canteen Refresh Checklist.