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Healthy Heroes, Fuel Up!

There are a range of ways a club can help its members become healthy hockey heroes! For great ideas check out the resources in the Healthy Sports Toolkit! or adopt some of the strategies below;

Bring back the orange – healthy halftimes

Strive to create a healthy environment for our kids and give them the best chance to feel great and play to the best of their ability. Encourage your teams to use a fruit roster and support junior players to fuel up with water and healthy halftime snacks.



Communicate health messages to your members and their families by displaying these Posters around your club rooms and Social Media Tiles on your social media platforms or website.

Activation ideas

Try one or more of these ideas at your club and educate your members about choosing the best Fuel to Go & play!

Requirements for Golden Goal Competition

Provide evidence that you have adopted at least one of the educational strategies listed above.