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Hockey WA Coach Register

As we commence the season, Hockey WA would like to begin a register and identify all coaches who either hold an accreditation, had a past acreditation that has expired, or are looking to transfer their last Hockey Australia accreditation to the new system via the "Recognition of Prior learning". 

Either way, Hockey WA would like all coaches to fill in this register to begin assisting you with continual development opportunities. 

Before filling out this registration, we ask you to collate the following information.

1. Your current level of coaching, with certificate?

2. What is your current experience- One Page document only from past 5 years

2. Your current team you are coaching?

3. What is the highest level of coaching have you reached. i.e Hockey ONE, State Level, Premier Leagues, International Teams

4. Do you hold a Working with Children check?


Multiple selections allowed

Please upload your highest accreditation award.

Max 5MB

Note: If you coached U13 or U15, tick U14 or Under 16 box.

Indoor or Outdoor

Max 5MB
Max 5MB